Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Damn Squirrels!

Two years ago I purchased my first blackberry bush.  It takes two years for them to produce fruit so I thought I would be smart and plant a second bush the following year, then eventually I would get a decent amount of blackberries.  It's a long time investment, so I was delighted in June when I notice my first couple of berries growing.  And right before I went on vacation in the end of June I noticed at least 10 berries which I guessed would be ready when I returned from my trip.  My big surprise was when I got home, not only were they ripe, but they had also already been "sampled."  The damn squirrels had taken a bite out of all but one!  Didn't even bother to eat the whole thing!  Grrrr!  So two years of waiting, this was my only survivor.  Not not even going to go into what they did to my tomatoes! 

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