Thursday, February 16, 2012

Owl Hats! Hoot Hoot!

Thanks to Pinterest I found this super cute pattern on a blog called Daisy Cottage Designs, for a crocheted new born Owl Hat.  My friend Mandy spotted my pin and asked if I could possibly make one for her boys.  It kind of excited me because I thought it would be a fun challenge, but I couldn't believe how easy this pattern was. 

The only issue that I had was adjusting the size to fit her boys.  The first one came out a big large so that one ended up being Keller's.  It was a little pointy on top, so I tied a knot around it from the inside.  Mandy said Keller didn't even notice.  Then doing the smaller one was smooth sailing : )  Super cute kids don't hurt either!

This pattern gives you the option of the having or not having the ear flaps, but I thought it made the hat.  The pattern also has braided ties coming from the flaps, but Mandy said Maddox would probably just try to eat them, so it would be better without.  I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease Yarn because it's my favorite to work with, but you could do it with any kind.

There are a ton of different options for these.  I might try making a girl one next.  I also think it would be super easy to make different animals by just slightly adjusting the pattern.