Monday, May 16, 2011

Babies and Lambies! XOXOX

My adopted-like brother David and his wonderful wife Jenny are quickly approaching the birth of their first child, Dominic DiBello.  I swore I was done with crocheting baby blankets, but since David's sister Jenn got one for each of her girls, I couldn't let little Baby "D" come into the world without one!  Whatever would he think of his crazy Aunt Carly!?!

Unlike my dear friend Jenn (David's Sister), Jenny knew what colors and the theme of the baby's room right away, which was a huge help on my end.  She said she was basing the colors of the room around this super cute lamb quilt at Pottery Barn Kids.  So then I decided to challenge myself with another project which was the crocheted lamb. I found a free pattern on another blog site called Harugurumi.  Although it wasn't super hard, I highly doubt I will be making another one in my future!
Now all we need is the baby!  Congrats David & Jenny!