Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Turkey Time!

I found this super cute (and free!) turkey crochet pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's website.  You need to create an account to be able to look at their free patterns, but it absolutely free and all they send you is an optional weekly email about new yarns and patterns.  There is also an occasional coupon. 

This pattern was pretty straightforward and took me a little over an hour.  I used cotton ease yarn, which is one of my favorites.  The only slightly difficult part were the gobbler, beak and feet, which was only because they are so small.

Happy 1st Birthday Bailey!

My dear friend Kristin's sweet little baby girl is already one year old!  To celebrate, Mom and Dad had a "cupcake" party, but since they live in GA and I'm all the way in WV,  I missed out on the party.  No cupcakes for me (probably a good thing), but I thought I might go ahead and try to crochet a cupcake to go along with her present.  I also made a matching headband with my first ever attempt at a flower   So Bailey and I are full of "firsts" this month! 
Gracie helped me out with this project but being a headband model.  Hopefully Bailey likes it more than she did.  (The colors aren't really neon, that is just how my iPhone perceived them).  Happy Birthday Bailey!  Eat a cupcake for me!