Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Bailey!

My dear friend Kristin's sweet little baby girl is already one year old!  To celebrate, Mom and Dad had a "cupcake" party, but since they live in GA and I'm all the way in WV,  I missed out on the party.  No cupcakes for me (probably a good thing), but I thought I might go ahead and try to crochet a cupcake to go along with her present.  I also made a matching headband with my first ever attempt at a flower   So Bailey and I are full of "firsts" this month! 
Gracie helped me out with this project but being a headband model.  Hopefully Bailey likes it more than she did.  (The colors aren't really neon, that is just how my iPhone perceived them).  Happy Birthday Bailey!  Eat a cupcake for me!

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